Highlands Business Partnership
Regular Meeting of the Board of Director's
January 29, 2004
Henry Hudson Regional High School

Executive Session
Carla Cefalo-Braswell (CCB), HBP President, called the non-public portion of the meeting to order at 7:07 p.m. There was a meeting quorum for action. In attendance were the following: C. Cefalo-Braswell, M. Kovic, F. Rosiak, J. Nasti, J. Cosgrove, A. Parmelee, R. O’Neil, J. Urbanski, L. Kochanik, K. Lustig, J. Koenig, B. Weber, J. Wicklund and Eddy Sousa.

Resignations & Elected Board
M DuPlantis was absent for the entire year and needed to be replaced. Scott Beim was presented for replacement. All were in favor.

The 2004 Program Budget was discussed and approved by a motion made by Kathryn Lustig and second by John Koenig. With all in favor the Budget was accepted and moved for submission to Mayor and Council for their approval. Mayor Rick ‘Neil abstained.

Goals and Objectives
The 2003 Summary of Objectives and 2004 Goals was presented and discussed. They both need to be included with the first mailing for the Annual Meeting and Election. A motion was made by Joan Wicklund and second by Fred Rosiak with all in favor to accept Goals and Objectives. Mayor Rick O’Neil abstained.

Anti BID Petition
Action by a group of members held at the last council meeting was the topic of discussion. Councilman and Planning Liasion John Urbanski explained it was not really a valid petition, he just encouraged those members who complain to him on a daily basis to come forward and take action at the proper forum, a Council Meeting. Vice President John Koenig will reach out to those members to communicate on behalf of HBP.

Management Services
Provided by Carla Cefalo-Braswell were completed in December 2003. A month-to-month renewal was reinstated with a motion by B. Weber and second by J. Koenig. All were in favor.

Executive Session was closed by a motion by Mike Kovic, second by Fred Rosiak with all in favor the session was closed at 8:00 p.m.

Public Session
Carla Braswell, President, called the public session of the HBP Board of Directors to order at 8:05 p.m.

Meeting attendance: P=present, A=absent

L. Bodnar-Nolan A L. Kochanik P R. O’Neil P E. Sousa P
C. Cefalo-Braswell P J. Koenig P A. Parmelee P J. Urbanski P
J. Cosgrove P M. Kovic P F. Rosiak P F. Rosiak P
John Nasti P K. Lustig P AJ Solomon A J. Wicklund P
B. Weber P      

50% plus one = quorum (9/17)
Fifteen were in attendance for quorum
Also in attendance were : Nick Evangelista, Marcia Shaya and Nancy Thomas.

Minutes of the November, 2003 Meeting of HBP BOD
Minutes were reviewed and a motion by Eddy Sousa and second by Anne Parmelee to accept the minutes into corporate record. With all in favor the minutes shall be included in corporate records and added to our Website for public access.

Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer’s Report as of January 29,2004 was read. As of today there were no outstanding checks. A motion was made by Eddy Sousa to accept the Treasurer’s Report with one date change (typo) and second by Anne Parmelee. With all in favor the Treasurer’s Report shall be included in corporate records.

Executive Committee – Carla Cefalo-.Braswell
HBP’s new organizational structure was presented. For 2004 the marketing and Special Events Committee will be separated and Eddy Sousa will chair the Marketing/Communications Committee. He will prepare a survey to send to businesses as to determine where the most interest is for advertising in 2004.
Local Residents Marcia Shaya and Nancy Thomas are now chairing the Visual Improvement Committee. Both are members of the VIC committee already and are Officers of the Garden Club. Marcia read an acceptance speech support of these reorganization issues was obtained by the full board.

Committee Reports
Marcia Shaya and Nancy Thomas, Committee Co- Chairs
Design Maintenance Beautification Capital Improvements
Discussions and plans for new projects and spring g maintenance programs were discussed as well as revisiting the downtown pilot maintenance program submitted last year by Nick Evangelista, member of the VIC committee.

Economic Development – Fred Rosiak
Fred Rosiak – Brief overview of Committee’s progress/plans

Special Events – Carla Cefalo-Braswell
Carla gave an overview of the St. Pat’s Day Parade and encouraged all to participate. Proposals from the Asbury Park Press and the Courier for advertising were presented. Both were turned over to the new Chairmen Eddy Sousa for revisit by the Marketing Committee.

Action Items:
Old Business:

New Business:
Colby Plumbing
Windward Int’l Insurance Broker
Jacqueline Astrology & Card Readings
Cucina’s Pizza World

The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 p.m. by a motion from Fred Rosiak, second by Mike Kovic with all in favor the meeting was adjourned.

Next meeting of the HBP Board of Directors is:
Annual Meeting & Election - March 18, 2004.

Submitted via email to Board by Carla Cefalo-Braswell, 03/8/04
Hand Deliver to Joan Wicklund & Mike Kovic