Highlands Business Partnership
Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors November 25, 2002
Henry Hudson Regional High School Library

Executive Session
7 PM: Carla Braswell, HBP President, called the non-public portion of the meeting to order and read the public notice. She then introduced new HBP part-time manager, Nick Evangelista, to the Board of Directors.

ATTENDANCE: In attendance were the following voting members: C. Braswell, J. Wicklund, W. Duncan, F. Rosiak, M. Kovic, S. Ruby, L. Nolan. There was a meeting quorum for action.

Ms. Braswell called a moment of silence for Lynn Hunter who recently passed away.
Ms. Braswel requests ideas for Lynn Hunter memorial. Mr. Duncan suggests memorial to Heart Fund. Mr. Kovic suggests HBP sponsor testimonial dinner during Clean Ocean Action event.

HBP Treasurers Lori-Ann Bodnar Nolan presented the Treasurers Report to the Board.

Ms. Braswell states budget to be finalized for submission to Boro by December. She also states that HBP events are paying for themselves but profits are not realized; they cannot be looked upon as profit-makers at this time; they are image enhancers established to draw positive attention and visitors into town.
7: 50 PM: Mr. Kovic motions to break Exec. Session for presentation by Patti Baxter of Northern Monmouth County Chamber of Commerce and Ms. Braswell seconds.
Patti thanks HBP for renewed blanket membership and requests updated HBP business database for individual membership recruitment. Advises that summer Harborsounds concert series will again be held in Highlands, and that radio station 90.5 FM is once again on board for the event and on the concert committee.
8:05 PM: Ms.Baxter concludes NMCCC presentation and Exec. Session resumes.

Mrs. Wicklund expressed concerns about seemingly excessive out-of-pocket expenses being billed by ACI.
Ms. Braswell states that ACI out of pocket expenses shall be more closely reviewed, with the assistance of Mr. Evangelista.
Electrical load for ClamFest to be evaluated and availability of generators to support it to be determined.
Mr.Duncan suggests contacting GPU community liason to rework site electricity for Clamfest.

Ms. Braswell presents proposal from GE Financial to manage HBP money markets. Mr. Duncan motions change from current Prudential Financial to GE Financial and Ms. Ruby seconds. No opposition.

Reviewed by all present and agreed to. Copies to be forwarded to all members not in attendance.

Ms. Ruby explains that Economic Dvlpmt. Committee has applied for grant on behalf of Boro to obtain vacant lots at Water Witch & Bay Avenues for parking areas & a visitors/concierge kiosk. Application was completed by M. Truscott/Schoor DePalma Engineers. Grants are expected to be awarded in March 2003.

New meeting notices will be made to all HBP members and meetings will be held at 7:30 pm across the board.
Executive Session was closed by a motion by C. Braswell, second by L.Nolan with all in favor the session was closed at 8:50 p.m.

There was no public present at the meeting. The meeting was adjourned.

Notification to follow of first meeting of 2003 of the HBP Board of Directors.

PREPARED BY: N. Evangelista, HBP Manager