Highlands Business Partnership
Board of Director’s Meeting
March 27, 2000
Henry Hudson Regional High School Library
Grand Tour
Highlands, NJ

Attendance: X= present, R=resigned
(17 voting members)
K. Armstrong
F. Bauman
T. Berkhout
C. Braswell
R. Cosgrove R
J. Davis
D. Douty
B. Duncan
W. Garcia x
L. Hunter
K. James
S. Mc Coy R
P. Mullen
R. Mumford x
R. Rauen
G. Ruth
J. Wicklund x

(5 non-voting members)
R. Sheridan
P. Baxter T. Laverty L. Novick J. Flimlin x

Open for public portion at 7:40 p.m.

Acceptance of minutes January 17, 2000 HBP Board of Directors Regular Meeting.

After review of the minutes Lynn Hunter called for a motion to accept the minutes. Peter Mullen made a motion to accept the minutes with a second to the motion from Carla Braswell.

Treasurer’s report was presented to the Board. Jack Davis reported that effective 3/27/00 the checking account balance is $6,803.44. The money market account with Prudential Securities has a balance of $30,184.00. Total balance of both checking and money market totals $36,987.44. A detailed report was filed with the minutes. Lynn Hunter called for a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. A motion was made by Todd Berkhout to accept the Treasurer’s report, with a second from George Ruth. All were in favor to accept the treasurer’s report as submitted; and it will be included in our corporate records.

Year 2000 budget was reviewed and endorsed as proposed. The total value of the budget depends on the certification by the Highlands Tax Assessor. Variations in the assessed value will affect the budget on an annual basis. The new Tax Assessor is in the process of reviewing all records and will advise the Borough Administrator when the BID Assessment Roster is certified and the BID Budget Year 2000 can be approved and adopted by resolution by the governing body. HBP BID Budget for the Year 2000 has not been introduced by the governing body; it will be retroactive upon adoption.

Budget allotments for the Clam Festival and BID Wed Site were created. Not to exceed allocations were designated as $6,000 for the Clam Festival and $5,000 for the Web Site expansion. These allotments provide working funds to implement approved projects. Expenses will not exceed these allotments without re-authorization from the Board of Directors.


Were received and adopted from the following committees:
Executive Committee, Marketing & Communications/Special Events, Visual Improvement, Economic Development and the Business Advocate. The reports were accepted as submitted and will be included in the HBP Corporate Records.


Old Business — none

New Business
Fred Roziak and Arthur Cavallo attended the meeting to obtain further information about HBP and the impact to the Captain Cove Marina on Washington Street. Mr. Roziak inquired about several projects and HBP initiatives. K. Shaw, HBP Business Advocate will meet with Mr. Roziak to discuss issues in greater detail.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Minutes submitted by K. R. Shaw, HBP Business Advocate