Highlands Business Partnership
Board of Director’s Meeting
January 17, 2000
Borough Hall
171 Bay Avenue 7:30 p.m.

Attendance: X= present
(17 voting members)
K. Armstrong x
F. Bauman
T. Berkhout x
C. Braswell x
R. Cosgrove x
J. Davis x
D. Douty x
B. Duncan x
W. Garcia x
L. Hunter x
K. James
S. Mc Coy
P. Mullen x
R. Mumford x
R. Rauen
G. Ruth x
J. Wicklund x

Open for public portion at 7:37 p.m.

Acceptance of minutes November 22, 1999 Special Meeting HBP Board of Directors. After review of the minutes Lynn Hunter called for a motion to accept the minutes. D. Douty made a motion to accept the minutes with a second to the motion from Todd Berkhout. Peter Mullen abstained, as he was not appointed to the board at that time.

Treasurer’s report was presented to the Board. Jack Davis reported that effective 1/14/00 the checking account balance is $8,503.16. A money market account with Prudential Securities was opened in the amount of $10,000. Total balance of both checking and money market totals $18,503.16. A detailed report was filed with the minutes. Lynn Hunter called for a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. A motion was made by Joan Wicklund to accept the Treasurer’s report, with a second from Carla Braswell. All were in favor to accept the treasurer’s report as submitted; and it will be included in our corporate records.

Year 2000 budget was reviewed and endorsed as proposed. The total value of the budget depends on the certification by the Highlands Tax Assessor. Variations in the assessed value will affect the budget on an annual basis. The new Tax Assessor is in the process of reviewing all records and will advise the Borough Administrator when the BID Assessment Roster is certified and the BID Budget Year 2000 can be approved and adopted by resolution by the governing body.

Insurance proposals will be solicited from Highlands’ insurance professionals. The Borough Insurance Broker, Danskin Insurance Agency, affiliated with the Monmouth County Joint Insurance Fund JIF, has submitted a proposal for the following coverage:


General Liability
Non-owned Auto Liability
Public Official Liability
Blanket Bond
$7,000,000 limit
$7,000,000 limit
$6,000,000 limit
$1,000,000 limit


Kathleen Armstrong will contact Don Ciola, Gateway National Insurance, regarding providing similar coverage quotes

Business Advocate Report – The first HBP Newsletter was prepared with the support of the executive committee and committee chairpersons. The newsletter was mailed to all business operators and commercial property owners. Made available at Borough Hall, Community Center and will be posted on the Highlands web site www.highlandsnj.com. Committee Meeting dates will be set during the month of February. A press release will be prepared and sent to the Two River Times, Asbury Park Press and Middletown Courier to promote the start up of the HBP Committees and send a call for volunteers. Highlands’ organizations will receive letters of invitation to partner with HBP Committees that enhance their organization goals and objectives. An official sunshine notice was advertised for the calendar year 2000 meetings of Highlands Business Partnership. The notices were not posted in the Borough Hall. The Borough Clerk will be contacted about posting the notices at Borough Hall.

Non-voting Members of the HBP Board of Directors were solicited by letter and follow up phone contact. Thirteen partners were solicited for interest in serving on the Board. The following non-voting members were offered in a motion by Lynn Hunter:

Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce
GPU Energy
Rutgers University
Sandy Hook Foundation
Twin Lights Historic Site
Patti Baxter
Roberta Sheridan
Jeff Flimlin
Larry Novick
Ray Cosgrove
Tom Laverty

A second to the motion to accept these partners on the Board was made by Doug Douty and with all in favor the six partners will be confirmed to the HBP Board of Directors. It was noted that Sandy Hook/Gateway National Park has a transition with the leaving of Charles Bearlin. HBP will work with Sandy Hook Foundation until such time as a representative is available. Cindy Zipf, Clean Ocean Action and Tom Gagliano, Jersey Shore Partnership are unable to participate due to heavy schedules but remain interested in receiving minutes and communication on the Partnership. There was no response from Monmouth County Tourism, Department of Agriculture and Bell Atlantic.

Peter Mullen joins the HBP Board as the member selected by the governing body from the Planning Board, confirmed by resolution by the mayor and council. Peter has worked with the Neighborhood Preservation Program on the Central Business Design Manual, Highway Offering Sign and other improvement projects as a volunteer.

Contract with the Bayshore Development Office for professional management has been authorized.

Letter of proposal from the Highlands Historical Society was revisited. Lynn Hunter presented the board with a recap of the proposal. To secure the former building of Suzanne’s Antiques at the bridge and Portland Road for volunteers to staff as a museum and visitor’s center for the Historical Society. With the centennial anniversary occurring this year a site is an important issue. Ray Cosgrove confirmed that the property has been rented, and that his wife is the agent and handling the rental of the property. Roger Mumford, Co-Chair Economic Development Committee suggested that we explore in more detail the objectives of the Highlands Historical Society to partner with them on their admirable quest to promote the historical heritage of Highlands. Kathy Shaw added that an interim visitors center may be explored, modeling after the Ocean Grove gazebo buildings that are staffed during the season to disseminate information on the community. A one -time purchase cost, with a structure that is movable for events, promotions, etc. might be a better launching point that an annual lease expense. The concept needs to be explored with the Society. A letter inviting their participation and presenting their members needs to be drafted.

Highlands Anniversary Book
Ray Cosgrove supported HBP taking a full-page ad to capture the year 2000 and the HBP efforts to improve Highlands. The Board was unanimous to participate in the anniversary book at a cost of $125. Treasurer Jack Davis will forward a check to the committee.

Speed Radar Equipment
A proposal was prepared by the Executive Committee to explore acquisition of speed radar equipment. The proposal will create a starting point for the BID to develop activities to support the goal of promoting traffic calming activities. Traffic and parking issues for the business community will be under the Visual Improvement Committee, Chair Kathy Armstrong. The proposal calls for purchase of traffic radar equipment that flashes your actual speed to drivers passing the equipment.. Total cost of the equipment is $3,400 with a $30 shipping charge. There are three partners participating with HBP to purchase the equipment: Seastreak Ferry, NY Fast Ferry and Highlands Chamber of Commerce. Each partner would contribute $857.50. Quotes were sought and are on file to secure the best price for the equipment. The Speed Radar Project has been reviewed and approved by Police Chief Davis, Sgt. Ed Chambers, and Mayor O’Neil. The speed radar equipment would be owned, maintained and insured by the Borough of Highlands. References on the performance and success of equipment were sought from Atlantic Highlands and Keyport and feedback on equipment performance and response from the community was favorable.

A motion was made by Bill Duncan to approve concept and HBP share of acquisition of speed radar equipment. The motion was second by Carla Braswell. Roll call vote:

17 possible votes
Yes ( 9) Braswell, Hunter, Davis, Berkhout, Duncan, Garcia, Mumford, Ruth, Wicklund
No ( 4) Cosgrove, Armstrong, Douty, Mullen
Absent ( 4) Bauman, James, Mc Coy, Rauen

Downtown Revitalization Institute 2000
K. Shaw presented info on quarterly seminars offering training for downtown success incorporating the National Main Street Approach ™. These seminars provide the opportunities NJ downtowns need to develop and hone the skills and techniques to revitalize core commercial districts. Co-sponsored by Local Initiatives Support Corporation, Summit Bank and Citibank. Remaining for the year are: Guiding Design on Main Street April 27 – 28, 2000; Creating economic Opportunity on Main Street, July 27 – 28, 2000; Promotion Downtown, October 26 – 27, 2000. Cost $125 per person - per seminar. Limit 4 attendees per community.

Development of Business Guide – ad hoc committee
A Business Guide will assist new and existing businesses cut through the maze of personnel and procedures required to expand or create new business in Highlands. The format for the guide will follow Freehold Center’s and be tailored to the needs of Highlands. The Economic Development Committee, Co-Chaired by Bill Duncan and Roger Mumford will be responsible for the guide development. An ad-hoc committee is needed to begin writing the text. Volunteers from the Board are Peter Mullen, Planning Board Representative, Carla Braswell, Todd Berkhout. Once drafts are created they will be coordinated between the Planning Board Chairman, Donald Mandrot and the Highlands governing body through Councilman Bob Rauen. HBP Business Advocate K. Shaw is working with commercial applicants to assist their process through the board. Several members are attending Planning and Zoning Meetings to gather information about the process.

The meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.
Minutes submitted by K. R. Shaw, HBP Business Advocate