District Management Corporation for the Highlands
Business Improvement District (BID)
Post Office Box 375
Highlands, NJ 07732
732.291-4713 f/ 732.291-4837

Highlands Business Partnership
Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors
Monday, January 28, 2002
Henry Hudson Regional High School Library
Executive Session (closed to the public) 7:00 p.m.
Regular Meeting Agenda (open to the public) 7:30 p.m.
POSTED ON WEBSITES www.highlandsnj.com and www.bayshorenj.com
Public Session: Call to Order:________________
Attendance Roll Call:
I Acceptance of minutes November 26, 2001 (provided to Board week of 12/3/01)
----------II Treasurer’s Report – Bill Garcia
$44,008.50 Prudential money market account balance
$__________ Shrewsbury State Bank checking account balance
a. Ordinance Amendment, Budget 2002 adopt prior to April retro to 1/1/02
b. Annual Report 2002 (to be approved by Board) Annual Audit Wiss & Company must be complete April
c. Next steps: Present HBP Accomplishments 2001 and Objectives 2002 to Mayor & Council
III Reports:
a. Executive Committee – Braswell
1/4/02 named 2002 Nominating Committee - Koenig, Ruby, Braswell
Report on progress
1/12/02 First Annual Meeting & Election noticed newspapers (Asbury Park Press/Courier/Web)

  • 2/02 Second Notice to Newspapers as per bylaws
  • 2/4/02 Nominating Committee reports findings
  • 2/15/02 First Notice to membership inform of annual meeting call for petitions for nominations
  • 2/25/02 close of petitions for nominations must be received by fax with endorsements according to bylaws
  • 3/02 Third Notice to Newspapers as per bylaws
  • 3/1/02 Second Notice mailed to membership of annual meeting and final slate of candidates
  • 3/11/02 Annual Meeting and Election

Mayor and Council authorized John Tedesco as HBP Council Liaison replacing Councilman Rob Rauen
b. Marketing & Communications/Events Committee – Braswell
Advertising Destination Highlands –Asbury Park Press
Sweethearts in Highlands $1,588 half page one color ad
o Saturday 2/9/02 On The Run Section Weds. 2/13/02, Thurs. 2/14/02 Middletown Reporter
which includes coverage in Highlands, Atlantic Highlands, Middletown and Holmdel
ACI Meeting to set up 2002 Event Schedule
Award Presentation 2/17 Hoboken Destination Marketing
Newsletter deadline Committee Chairs – March 1 April 1 publication date

Submit Committee Chair summary to Business Advocate by e-mail
c. Economic Development –Mumford/Duncan
(Business Recruitment/Retention)

  • Smart Growth application status – Shaw
  • Council Meeting 1/16/02 Commercial property impact to tax base/Ferry local investments
    d. Visual Improvement Committee – Armstrong
    (Parking Design Maintenance Beautification Cap Imp)
  • Banner sponsorship opportunities local and outside
  • Holiday removed and stored in shed
  • Parks electric conditions – a walk-through with R. Robertson, K. Shaw and M-Tech Electric Mark Mariety for issues involving electric for 2002 events in parks. (Huddy, Veterans, Ederly)
    e. Business Advocate – Shaw
  • Creating inventory of signs for ACI and updating welcome signs
  • Requesting from Borough inventory of grants, “wish list” projects to coordinate with HBP

    IV Action Items:
  • Asbury Park Press Ad $1,588 “Sweethearts in Highlands”
  • Annual Report for mailing to membership/council/website

    V Old Business
    VI New Business
  • S. Ruby outlet survey
  • Shrewsbury State Bank Credit Process Seminar Weds. 2/6/02 6 p.m. Off The Hook Restaurant
  • NMCC Meet the Mayors Tues. 2/12/02 5 p.m. WINDANSEA Restaurant
  • Letter from County Board of Recreation Commissioners support of Freehold Branch of Henry Hudson Trail Southerly Extension
  • New Business Michael and Gretchen Duplantis – Orleans A Louisiana BistroAdjourn:_____________
    Next Regular Meeting: Monday March 11, 2002 Annual Meeting and Election